Sections of this page are excerpts from "The Purebred Spanish Horse (P.R.E.)" ANCCE


The SICAB has taken place since 1991, during the last week of November, in the Seville Exhibitions and Congress Center.

It is the third most important socioeconomic event of the city, following its world-renown Semana Santa (Easter week) and Feria de Abril (April Fair), with more than 240,000 visitors and 1,000 P.R.E. horses.

SICAB is the most important single breed fair in the world. It is exclusively devoted to Purebred Spanish Horses, and offers visitors a week in which to enjoy.

There is, alongside, a commercial fair, where one is able to buy articles related to the horse including clothes, tack and harness, feed, medicines, insurance and facilities.

The activities carried out at SICAB are:

The Show
With a seating capacity for 5,500 people, the Show demonstrates to the public the beauty, nobility and capacity of the PRE and it has become one of the most important in the world.


The auction of PRE horses
During SICAB, ANCCE organizes an auction of Purebred Spanish Horses. These are pre-selected for their conformation and movement. Ridden stallions, mares and lots of fillies are on offer. A commission of independent experts examines the horses and selects the best. These must then have Xrays carried out, so as to discard problems that may affect their functionality. Only those which pass these controls are auctioned. All the horses are at the disposition of the public during November, when they can be visited and ridden, and all information about them and veterinary certificates are available for scrutiny.