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Veterinarians to be authorised by Spain

Dear Breeders,

We are in the process of updating Veterinarians to be authorised by Spain for the procedure of Inscriptions, we currently only have 10 authorised in Australia.
With the paperwork for a further 2 being processed. The list is being updated to our website.

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PREAA Show Results archived : October 2011

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16/03/2001 - 19/06/2010
archived : October 2011

I am shattered. I lost my horse of a lifetime on Saturday 19th June 2010. I cannot begin to describe the sense of loss and the void that now exists.

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Vicki Oska resigns as Registrar archived : October 2011

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Revision archived : October 2011

A horse with Rocio Lopez during the revision.

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Equitana 2010

alegria asombroso

Equitana in Melbourne on 18-21 November 2010

Valoration Trip - October 2010 archived : Dec 2010

Dear PRE Owner/Breeder
We will be conducting a Valoration in early/mid October this year for all horses you wish to present for breeding approval with ANCCE, Spain.

To be eligible, horses must:

We are now taking applications for valorations for this trip. These are required as a matter of priority so that we can organise flights and locations for the visit. Please forward your application by the end of August, or by prior arrangement with me.

Please fill out the attached International Application for Service form at the top of the form. At section B, please input the horse's name, and their Spanish codigo which appears on their passport. Don't forget to sign at the bottom left hand side of the form. If you are confused with how to find their codigo, don't worry - I can find this information for you!

The fee this year has been reduced to $350 per horse. Horses will need to travel to a central location, but all breeder's situations will be taken into account when we organise the viewing locations.

Please forward the completed form, and a cheque made out to PREAA, to PO Box 272, Eaglehawk, Vic 3556 as soon as possible.

It is important that we conduct a valoration trip each year, and we do this in conjunction with New Zealand.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards
Catherine Jones
Pura Raza Espanola Association of Australasia (PREAA)


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Jerezs legacy will live on. archived : May 2010

I am very sad to tell you that Jerez was put down on Thursday night. He had a bout of colic & could not overcome it. The last twelve months of his life he ran with his band of mares & certainly enjoyed the privilages of a range stallion!

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Further PRE eligibility of horses in Australia archived : May 2010

Dear Breeder/Owner,
PREAA have been petitioning Spain for further PRE eligibility of horses in Australia. This has been a long, slow process, but bit by bit we are making ground.
In 2005 when the Cria Caballar/FESCCR closed its registers for the Spanish Stud Book to further horses in Australia (allowing only progeny of those already approved for breeding to be registrable in the Spanish Stud Book) there were certain conditions of that closure that allowed some further horses to go through.
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PREAA is now the only association in Australia for dealing with Spain for paperwork after the closure of ACPRE Australia Inc. on 4 June 2008.
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Clinics by ANCCE in December archived : March 2009
Showing the Spanish (PRE) Horese, Confirmation, Funcionality Test, Mare Handling etc.
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P.R.E.A.A. President in Spain archived : August 2008

Catherine Jones has been summoned to Spainto attend a 5 day training course on the topic of "Handling and Management of the PRE Stud Book". Catherine will be attending on behalf of PREAA. During this visit she will be making appointments with high level executives of ANCCE and the Stud Book managers to begin the process of wading though the long list of horses we sent them late last year (approx 200) that had not previously been presented in Australia, in the hope that they may be eligible for inclusion into the Spanish Stud Book.

Ownership Cards deadlines archived : July 2008

The deadline of January 1st 2008, which had been established by the LG PRE Stud Book for stud farms to be updated and petitions for Ownership Cards, as well as for registrations of new foals, will be extended without any additional charge, until March 31st 2008.
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Revision trip for late May 2008 archived : July 2008

Dear Breeders,
We are in full swing organising the revision trip for late May 2008. PREAA and ACPRE are working together to co-ordinate airfares and venues for horses to be viewed. There is a maximum of 2 venues per state.
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The revision process is being finalised archived : July 2008

Dear Breeders,
The revision process is being finalised for 2008. We were informed that if the inscription paperwork was in the system horses could be revised, but this is not now the case. Only horses that hold a current passport are able to be revised this year 2008.
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LG PRE ANCCE archived : July 2008

In May 2008, the LG PRE ANCCE organized the first valoration visit for Australian based horses.
We are proud to announce that for the very first time, the valoration visit was organized in collaboration by the two existing associations: the PREAA (PRE Association of Australia) and ACPRE Australia Inc. (Asociaciùn de Caballos de Pura Raza Espanóla Australia Inc.).
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