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To maintain consistency and equal value for all advertisers on the P.R.E.A.A. website all advertisement are to consist of a single image (.jpeg or .gif format and clearly titled) with seperate text (.doc or .txt format), including contact details, which will then be formatted in HTML code.

Advertisements on this website are for PRE horses only with Cria Caballar or ANCCE passports.

PREAA reserves the right to remove any wording in advertisements that contravenes the rules, aims and purposes of ANCCE.  This will include, but is not limited to, any reference to PRE Mundial or their activities, shows, valorations etc.

Thank you - P.R.E.A.A. web manager

Advertising is $40 per horse until sold.
To advertise on the P.R.E.A.A. site please contact:
PREAA web manager
Rita Gallaway
Phone: 07 4093 1042