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As of 4 June 2008, with the closure of ACPRE Australia Inc., PREAA is now the ONLY association affiliated with LG PRE ANCCE in Spain for all services in relation to the PRE horse in Australia.

PREAA staff and Directors have developed a strong connection and working relationship with ANCCE and LG PRE staff to ensure the best possible service for Australian breeders. At the meeting in July 2007 in Melbourne, ANCCE representatives stated that there will be no further open revisions, but that horses not previously presented will be considered for acceptance into the Spanish Stud Book on a case by case basis. PREAA is working actively to gather as much data as possible about Australian horses which were not previously presented to send to Spain for their consideration. We hope, in this way, to ensure the largest possible gene pool of PRE horses in Australia. We therefore strongly encourage any breeder interested in revision to contact the Registrar/Secretary urgently to commence this process.

For the lastest news, information and updates from the Pura Raza Española Association of Australasia, please refer to the 'news box' to the right.

Valoration Dates – 20 March to 1 April 2016

The locations are now set and will begin in Australia on Sunday, 20 March for 12-13 days, finishing in Perth.

Locations include Maroochydore region, Murwillumbah (NSW), Cairns region, Richmond region (NSW), South Coast NSW, Canberra region, Dubbo region, Melbourne, Shepparton, Ballarat, Adelaide, Perth and South of Perth.

There is little opportunity to have further horses included at this point unless at the already set points. Please contact the office as a matter of urgency if you wish to present your horse on registrar@preaa.com.au to see if there is an opportunity to be included.

Kind regards

Catherine Jones
Registrar, PREAA

Urgent reminder - Inscriptions before the foal turns 6 months of age

This is just a reminder that the inscription fee of $270 only applies until your foal turns 6 months of age. After that time the fee rises to $550 which cannot be controlled by PREAA.

PRE Stallion owners MUST provide a covering certificate to the mare owners BEFORE the foal is born.

PRE Mare owners MUST send inscription paperwork to the office after the foal is born, and no later than 3 weeks before the foal turns 6 months of age. This will allow enough time at the office to process all paperwork and return it to you.

Emails are read most mornings, but the office is not manned all day due to full time work commitments. Paperwork cannot always be turned around quickly, so please allow a few weeks? lead time for processing.

Please contact the office for more information, or see our Forms page for more information and forms to download.

PREAA Reports / Informa


Remember that there is Royal Decree stating that foals must be registered before a specific date, and this registration is mandatory.


- Foals born during the first semester of the year (from January to June 2014), must be registered before the end of the year (before the 31st December 2014).
- Foals born during the second semester of the year (from July to December 2014), must be registered before they are 6 months of age.

Should you have any queries or doubts, please contact your local representative or the main PRE Stud Book office. Please be informed that there is an additional fee for all past due registrations (inscriptions). PLEASE meet the established deadlines, as indicated above, and don't leave foals unregistered.

Thank you

Kind Regards,

dpto | comunicación


w w w . a n c c e . c o m


TLF | 954 689 260 FAX | 954 690 327 Cortijo de Cuarto (Viejo) | 41014 Sevilla | España


Due to extremely poor raffle sales, this raffle has been cancelled.

People who have purchased tickets will be refunded in full. Ticket holders will be contacted In the coming weeks, or please do not hesitate to contact our office on registrar@preaa.com.au with your postal address details.
Not all ticket holders left their postal details on the ticket stub so these people will be contacted by SMS.

We would like to thank you for your support - it is unfortunate that we have had to take this course of action.

Kind regards

Catherine Jones
Registrar, PREAA

PRE and Studbook Breeding Programme Videos

To learn more about the PRE and the studbook breeding programme, check out these new videos.

ANCCE en Equitana 2013. Pedro Azor Programa de Mejora del PRE (parte 1)

ANCCE en Equitana 2013. Pedro Azor Programa de Mejora del PRE (parte 2)


Contact details for Registrar

PO Box 272,
Vic 3556.

Phone: 0447 924 426




PREAA has eight Directors, including:

Rita Gallaway

Vice President
Mary Lou Pelling



Registrar/Secretary/LG PRE Liaison Officer
Catherine Jones


Ignacio Candau

Miki Corera


Pat Ball

Rebecca Power



Jose Duarte


PO Box 272,
Vic 3556.
Ph: 0447 924 426





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